3 Useful Tips When Dealing With A Senior Client

Due to the improvement in medical technology, more people are now living past the age of 70 and 80. A lot of senior citizens are also highly rich and possess plenty of resources. The recent stats show that currently, around 20% of the total population is above the age of 60. There is also a

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How to Nurture Leads into Customers with Email Marketing

As real estate agents increasingly rely on online marketing for lead generation, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy has increased significantly. If you are one of them, it is important that you come up with a winning lead nurturing strategy to grow your Atlanta real estate career. Email marketing is one of

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3 Tried and Tested Marketing Tips from Real Estate Pros

If you have just stepped into the real estate industry or are considering becoming a real estate agent, it is important to know that although rewarding, an Atlanta real estate career offers its share setbacks and disappointments as well. A smart way to excel as a real estate agent is to learn from the real estate

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Best Practices of Developing a High-Converting Real Estate Website

Developing a real estate website is not just about providing your prospects a place where you can learn all about your business. It’s about creating a high-performance website that not just drives traffic, but converts prospects into customers as well. If you are ready to give your Atlanta real estate career the much-needed boost by designing

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5 Real Estate Blogs an Agent Must Follow

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, in order to keep up with the change and provide improved services to their customers, a real estate agent must follow a few real estate publications and blogs that are known for publishing authentic information on real estate market dynamics and trends. As a real

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5 Best Real Estate Books That Are Worth a Read

lanta real estate career. Being a real estate professional means there will always be something new to learn. The actual process of finding a real estate deal and selling a home is not too difficult. Instead, the tricky part is finding the right learning resources that can provide you all the knowledge you need to

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4 Best Paid Tools a Real Estate Agent Can Use to Capture Leads

What’s the secret to your real estate success? I have been asked this question by almost every real estate agent I have met and my answer has remained the same over the years – effective lead generation. My ability to capture leads and nurture them into customers is the primary reason behind my successful Atlanta

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Everything You Should Know About Yelp

Are you looking for various online platforms to market your real estate services? Everything depends on the quality and quantity of customers you have when it comes to the success of a real estate agency. Your success directly depends on the number of customers you can attract and retain. However, there are a few things

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