Monthly Archives: October 2019

Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2019

Just like every market, the real estate market is bustling right now, too. Every real estate agent is trying their best to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Which houses are hot right now, which neighborhood locations are the best and what attracts buyers the most? These are three of the many questions that real…
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Using Email Marketing to Follow Up with Clients and Close More Deals

Email marketing seems to have made quite a comeback and is all the rage these days. This is because of the many smartphones that are directly linked to the email addresses of their respective users. Since email appears as a push notification on a phone, there’s a high possibility that it will be checked. This means…
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Top Things That Atlanta Real Estate Agents Can Do to Get Free Leads

In today's increasingly frantic and fast-paced marketing environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd. This holds particularly true for Atlanta real estate agent as the city is expanding at a very rapid pace. This is why it has become all the more important for property owners in Atlanta to know…
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