Luther Ragsdale, II, Broker/CEO

Luther Ragsdale Luther Ragsdale is a self-made multi-millionaire, a veteran, and a reputable name in the field of real estate, business, and wealth with over 25 years of experience under his belt.

When it comes to real estate coaching, Luther Ragsdale is one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry. He teaches, mentors, and coaches real estate agents. He is dedicated to grooming raw talent into the best trained and equipped real estate professionals.

To coach real estate agents and bring out the best in them, Luther has created an optimum combination of real estate coaching program offerings, resources, training, and information systems. This helps agents develop a solid understanding of the marketplace and who possess the right skill-set needed to excel in the real estate industry. He believes that by mastering the art of asset management, people can easily improve their financial position.

In addition to this, Luther Ragsdale also extends professional assistance to potential buyers and sellers interested in purchasing or selling out their real estate properties.

He is inspirational, motivated, and passionate. And this is reflected in his coaching style. His philosophy and coaching have not only inspired many real estate agents, investors, and clients but have also helped them set on the road to financial freedom and success. He has been a guest speaker in numerous seminars, workshops, and conventions and is an excellent real estate, business, and wealth-building coach.

Luther has also earned recognition as an amazing motivational & inspirational speaker. He has given presentations all over the world on a large variety of topics including but not limited to business, investment, personal finance, wealth building, real estate, and personal development.

Ragsdale is one of those gifted people who achieve success in whatever they do. He entered the corporate world in 1988, and since then has never looked back. He struggled his way to the top with a positive attitude and a strong drive to succeed. And this helped him overcome all challenges successfully and conquer every turf.

In 1999, he started his own TV program ‘Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale’. He was the executive producer of his TV program which was on the air for ten years. During this time, he coached and also mentored thousands of people and taught them how to build wealth by investing in real estate.

He is self-made and his success story is quoted as a case study in many business institutions. He became a multi-millionaire by the age of forty. Luther is happily married and living a prosperous life with his beloved wife and two children.

Ragsdale enjoys imparting knowledge and inspiring people. He is a recognized mentor and coach in real estate. So far he has trained more than 35,000 people on real estate, wealth management, and business development.

He is also the author of several bestselling books and coaching systems all over the world and also quite popular for his wealth-building systems and coaching products for licensed real estate agents.

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