Guide to Commercial Real Estate



This book, is a humble effort to acknowledge and address the internet induced transformational change in the world of real estate. Through the endeavor, my aim is to equip the real estate agents to successfully and effectively stage their services through the channel of internet, so as to make themselves visible in this transformed domain of consumerism.

This book is for you, if you are a real estate agent – a seasoned professional or someone who is just starting off, and want to know about the “How” of internet marketing to prospect for new clients and generate leads. The information contained in this book, is self-explanatory and every effort has been made from my side, to provide the readers with a comprehensive guide on internet marketing in the context of real estate business vertical.

Contained in the book, is informational and actionable content, designed to help the real estate agents learn about different aspects of internet marketing and use the acquired knowledge in a purposeful manner. It is a collection of on-the-field notes, some entailing my own experiences, while others, orienting from the successful experiences of my colleagues and teachings of my mentors.


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