Top Atlanta Real Estate Trends to Watch for in 2016

Atlanta showed some of the strongest real estate trends in the year 2015, and it does not seem to be slowing down for the year 2016 either. What we saw in 2015 was the rise in home prices within the metro area by double the amount since the last few years. And while this appreciation

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3 Best Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Profitable Atlanta real estate deals are seldom found by luck. You must put in your time and energy to find real estate leads and nurture them into clients. During my career as a million-dollar producer real estate agent, I have experimented with several real estate prospecting methods, some of which delivered great results while others

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Prospecting Method

When I started my career as a real estate agent 25 years back, I experienced that not all real estate prospecting methods delivered me similar results. There were times when cold calling brought me the maximum number of clients, while sometimes I found million-dollar worth real estate deals from expired listings. In the process of

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Understanding the 4 P’s of Real Estate Marketing

Atlanta’s real estate market has become more fragmented than ever before. Consumers have unique needs and you must device a unique strategy to fulfill them. Being a real estate professional for over 25 years, I have witnessed several real estate agents struggle to find clients because of lack of a well-developed real estate marketing strategy.

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Low-Budget Real Estate Prospecting Techniques

One of the greatest challenges faced by Atlanta real estate agents today is shrinking profit margins and high prospecting costs. I have seen real estate agents spending hundreds of dollars on online real estate prospecting that rarely delivers them any significant results.  Although real estate prospecting is the first step of getting a good, profitable

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3 Market Trends You Can Use to Identify Commercial Prospects

When I stepped in the real estate industry, my first observation was that the agents who dealt in Atlanta commercial real estate had more chances of finding success in real estate. Commercial real estate deals are usually bigger in value than residential real estate deals and, therefore, are more profitable for a real estate agent.

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4 Tips to Write an Engaging Real Estate Prospecting Letter

Once considered to be the key element of real estate prospecting, writing prospecting letters seems to be a forgotten art these days. While modern prospecting techniques like telemarketing and online prospecting get you instant results, letter writing can be the right way to build a loyal customer base. In my 25 years career as a

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