Social Media for Real Estate Agents

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Social Media for Real Estate Agents


Social media marketing can become a treasure toll for real estate agents. Many social networks are stacked with advertising tools that optimize your branding efforts. Other platforms provide you with industry insights and client interests that weren’t privy to before. Having a concrete social media marketing strategy allows you to infiltrate the market space.

That’s where Luther Ragsdale comes in. The renowned real estate coach has more than twenty years of experience in the field. He excels in developing efficient wealth-building systems that maintain a steady cash flow and generate new business opportunities.

With Social Media Guide for Real Estate Agents, he shows you how to master the art of getting prospective clients and retaining customer relationship on the virtual front. Ragsdale does this in a precise and practical format to optimize the learning process.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a professional figuring out the next move, this guide has got you covered. Ragsdale teaches you how to generate more leads and win big with each post.

He wants you to shift your perspective and look at social media beyond online visibility. The heart of social media marketing lies in consumer interactions. You need to actively attract audience attention and engage in meaningful chatter before luring them down the sales funnel.

Key Objectives

The social media marketing guide for realtors provides a snapshot of the best online practices on popular platforms.

You will learn to:

  • Build a memorable brand presence
  • Use Facebook advertising to garners an enviable following
  • Tweet and sell real estate property on Twitter
  • Expand your business network on Google+
  • Share your perspective on YouTube
  • Create enticing real estate listing boards on Pinterest
  • Harness the power of personalization

Combining these multichannel marketing strategies and expert advice maximizes your chances of winning big on social media.

Are you ready to create digital moments that count?

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