Step-by-Step Property Management System

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Success = Education + Ability + Action.

Learn how to create a revenue-generating property management system

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Every property manager will tell you two things. Firstly, tenants have a way of convincing you that their financial problems are yours. So many times as a property manager you receive so many excuses and stories. Once you get caught in the trap, collecting rent becomes challenging. Secondly, maintenance management can get costly if you pay for major repairs out of your pocket. Both issues inhibit cash flow and business growth. It’s why you need to learn how to develop a system that never fails.

How do you do that?

Success = Education + Ability + Action.

Luther Ragsdale’s Step-by-Step Property Management features a sequential guide to develop a successful, profitable, property management system. It covers everything, from the fundamental principles of success, rent collection policies, lease management to tackling maintenance issues.

With decades of experience in the field, Luther Ragsdale has developed practical wealth-building strategies for property managers. He teaches you how to lay the groundwork to work smarter, not harder. He teaches how you can reap rewards without breaking a sweat. His codes of conduct, time-tested techniques, ethical principles, and crucial insights have inspired thousands of professionals. They have followed his guidance and managed to generate wealth through these real estate endeavors.

If you’re interested in real estate, this guide will not only show you the ropes but teach you how to hold on when you stumble upon encountering roadblocks. Instead of spouting generic facts and figures, Ragsdale shares ‘what works in the real world’. He does not hesitate to tell the truth and point out the flaw in the system. In doing so, he prepares you for the expected (and sometimes unexpected) challenges. 

Better yet, he integrates real-life examples into his lessons on property management. These anecdotes make theories easier to grasp and implement for amateurs and seasoned professionals. All these factors make this guide a captivating and highly productive read for property managers everywhere.

So grab a copy and learn how to create a revenue-generating property management system.

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