Is Student Loan Debt A Threat to Homeownership? No!

  Over the course of the last thirty years, a shift has happened. An entire generation has been raised to believe that a college education is their key to unlocking opportunities that were not available to their parent’s or grandparent’s generations. Due to this, student loan debt has soared to $1.5 trillion and represents the

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The Best Time to List Your House? TODAY!

You may have heard that the housing market is softening. There is no doubt that buyer traffic has decreased. There are fewer purchasers in the market than there were last month and at this time last year. What you may not have heard, however, is that there is still a severe shortage of listing inventory

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Do You Know How Much Your Home Has Increased in Value?

Last year we saw headlines about a possible housing market bubble, and many wondered if Americans still felt confident about the value of their homes. Recently, the 2018 Houzz & Home Studyrevealed: “Homeowners with mortgages have seen their home equity more than double since 2011, increasing to a record-setting $8.3 trillion in 2017.” The average

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4 Proven ways to build your family wealth

4 Proven Ways Real Estate Can Build Sizable Family Wealth  Here are a few: 1. Appreciation “The rising of home prices over time, is how the majority of wealth is built in real estate. This is the ‘home run’ you hear of when people make a large windfall of money. While prices fluctuate, over the

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Best Facebook Practices that All Real Estate Agents Must Implement

Social media has become the ideal platform for real estate agents because of its marketing potential. Research has already shown that more than 80% of real estate agents are using Facebook to generate leads and market their properties. However, not everyone manages to find success by marketing on Facebook, and there is a reason for

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Great Tips for Creating Killer Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Real estate agents today have realized the importance of social media in targeting clients, and Facebook as the leading platform can be used to sell property. Real estate agents, have realized they can easily generate leads by creating captivating marketing campaigns on Facebook, and stay relevant in the industry. In the old days, real estate

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Hidden Facebook Features that All Real Estate Agents Should Know

Marketing on Facebook isn’t easy for real estate agents, even though the latest figures have shown that there has been a massive increase in real estate agents on social media. The future of real estate marketing on Facebook is bright, but to ensure that you get the right results and stand out from others in

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Keys to Running a Home Office

The ultimate dream for every individual is to quit their desk job and start working for themselves. There are numerous benefits for starting your own business, with the biggest one being the ability to work from home on your own time. Being your own boss, and having the flexibility to schedule your own timings, while

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Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Results from Your Real Estate Facebook Page

The real estate business is highly social, since your whole day revolves around communication. You must converse with clients, and network with business professionals, while following up on leads. This means that when trying to market your real estate services or business, you must employ highly sociable skills to get the right results. Social media

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